Do not book to be waxed if: You have any skin condition, skin is damaged in any way or you have any infections. If you take

Roaccutane, Retin-A - steroid creams or any medication for

acne this makes your skin very fragile and totally unsuitable

for waxing.

The week before your treatment: Exfoliate your skin 2 or 3 times. This removes the top layer of dead skin allowing hairs to find their way out ready for waxing - its good to moisturise at this time also.

Finally, make sure you are wearing loose clean clothing

preferably a natural fibre like cotton. Tight clothing will

rub on the waxed area and can make you sore.

Loose baggy clothing is best for  24-48 hrs

following waxing.

For maximum results, follow a few simple rules:

Hygiene: Waxing leaves pores open so skin must be clean. Shower a few hours before waxing - for you and me!

Moisturising: DO NOT use body lotions, oils, sprays etc. after your shower on your waxing day. It will interfere with the efficacy of the wax.

Hair Length: For successful hair removal and less discomfort, for waxing hair should be approximately 1/2 cm. Leave hair 3 weeks if you shave and 4 weeks if you wax before next waxing session.

Wax Virgins: It may be a little more uncomfortable than regular waxers, however, I use the best waxes & the best pain

minimising techniques. Many say "I thought it would be much worse than this". The more you wax the less the discomfort as the follicle becomes weaker.